The Most Unlikely Places

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
— Roald Dahl

I love this quote, I've always loved this quote, and now with the start of what I'm calling "Art Drops" it feels even more apt.

This is something that I've wanted to do for a while. Weirdly the idea was conceived to be executed in Shanghai (and then I realised I couldn't just go live in China for 6 months, funny that). For some reason I didn't feel like the idea could translate into a South African context.

This is obviously ridiculous, and the reasoning behind it has a lot to do with my own insecurities more than anything else. But I'm at a phase in my life now where a lot of change is happening and a shift in mindset means that a search for that childlike sense of wonder has become very important; and this is where the Art Drop comes in.

We in a modern society lead, as a whole, very rigid and quite frankly boring lives. Life revolves around work and money. Now this isn't to say that work isn't important-society still needs to function, and money unfortunately does govern your quality of living to some extent BUT, we have lost some of the spontaneity and freedom of previous generations.

Now I was the kind of kid (and adult) who loved/s a treasure hunt. And when I say love I mean in an unhealthy, hyperventilating kind of way. It's a concept I find deeply exciting. Finding an artwork might not have that same effect on someone but I would like to think that, if anything, it would at least make someone smile. 

The point of this really is to bring a little piece of happiness to someone's day, to break the routine and monotony somewhat and also just give someone something for free-who doesn't like free things? Especially something someone has made with love.

The other thing reason I wanted to start this (and now having looked into it more it seems this is a wholeheartedly unoriginal idea but it's the thought that counts!) is to make art more accessible. On the whole I think people's perception of art is that it's pretentious and expensive. 

The expensive part is another post entirely (do you know how expensive materials are and how long it takes to make something? Would you ask your accountant to work for free??) but the pretentious thing is a myth that, luckily, is changing.

Even when I talk to my family they don't really get art, or have much of an interest. A lot of people like 'older' Renaissance style art because it looks pretty and makes sense and aren't into the contemporary scene much at all. Now some contemporary art really is silly but lots of it is absolutely magical. I'm mildly obsessed with conceptual art (and will be writing posts on my favourite artists as well to try and highlight the diversity of art that exists in the world) but, unfortunately, galleries on the whole are not overly inviting to people who don't have 'art knowledge' or at least an art background. 

Here comes the Art Drop again. You don't want to go to the art? The art will come to you! Hopefully by leaving these pieces in a multitude of places (and they will be left all over the place have no fear about that) it will open up access to someone who may not of have an interest in art before. 

So that's the Art Drop. At the moment it's based in Cape Town but whenever I travel pieces will come with me. So far it's happening once a week and will never be in the same place twice. It's a fun little project to do and hopefully the people who pick up the pieces enjoy finding them as much as I enjoyed making and hiding them.


Liffey Joy